Masbate: Halea Adventure Trip

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

My friends goofing around.
Took us almost 24hours to get to Halea, Masbate with all the traffic in Metro Manila. It is so far down Luzon that we passed thru Legazpi and Sorsogon already. At the end of the road in Sorsogon, there is a sea port for boats headed to the Visayas like Masbate, Catanduanes, Leyte. That's how long it took to get there.
Last stretch of the trip. The boat ride.

Nice clear blue sea.
 Once we got there, a feast was laid out for us. We had an island all to ourselves. The island was pretty tiny that only one resort can fit on top of it. There were just 2 rooms with magical views of Mount Mayon and the Visayas islands. The island was leased from the government by my friend's family. Yes, they are rich! I learned that islands cannot be bought in the Philippines no matter how small they are. They can only be leased and after 30-50years, the island will go back to becoming the government's property. We felt very privileged and first class since the island caretakers cooked for us all day long. There were only 4 of us but they cooked for a large group. We did a lot of island hopping too. There were a lot of jellyfishes but they weren't a bother. At one point, we had to go down the boat and walk to the shore. The thing was the water was jellyfish-infested. Apparently, the jellyfishes with clear white heads don't sting much. There were just like sipon when you pick them up. haha!
Going back now. Tired!


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