Puerto Galera: Boy's Outing

Friday, May 26, 2006

One of the 1st outings we had as a batch was to go to Puerto Galera. It was one of the nearest beaches in Manila. What happens when you put a bunch of boys together at the beach? Crazy riot! I was the only girl from our batch who came. Nevertheless, it didn't change a thing coz they treat me like one of the boys anyway.
Nice coconut trees. But the buko juice there costs a fortune!

Boys will be boys.

The water is nice there.
We spent around two hours until sunset jumping up and down the big waves. We were trying, very poorly, not to be dragged down the shore. Of course with the big and forceful waves, we were mostly dragged to shore where we rolled over the sand, rocks and pebbles. Despite all the injuries we incurred, we all had a good time. Kudos to Mac for trying very hard not to drown since he didn't know how to swim.
Up and down.
All the prices are bloated in puerto galera. The way to minimize cost is to order lots of rice then egg. haha! oh and bring water bottles then just ask them to refill it. 


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