Samal, Bataan: Farming Immersion

Friday, September 8, 2006

It's hard work!
For 3days we were considered as the adopted children of the farmers in Samal, Bataan. This trip was a requirement by Ateneo. All of the seniors would have an immersion but the sector and the places would differ depending on the availability. My group and I were assigned to a farming community in Bataan. For 3days, we lived with the farmers, slept where they slept, ate what they ate and tried to do what they did. After just 2hours of planting rice, our backs hurts, our skins were scorched from the heat and we've become muddier than even possible. I wonder how those farmers did it because they were relatively clean compared to us.
Waiting for dinner!

Taking a bath in the middle of the field.

Ooooh snake. Free touch!

My sibling for the weekend.

Anyway, we enjoyed being outside of our comfort zone. I remember my "house" was at the farthest end of the road. About 15min walk from the barrio, which was a 30min drive from the highway. Our house didn't have a room, just a flat surface to sleep on. We didn't have electricity and a bathroom. We had to make use of the poso in the middle of the field. It was quite and experience but not very different from my grandparent's old house in Laguna. It was fun to play with the kids all day long, whereas the nights were a little quiet since it was very dark in the area.

I glad Ateneo has this kind of program and requires students to have this experience. 

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