Puerto Prinsesa: Vacation Dream

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Puerto prinsesa is the paradise of all paradises. It has the best beach and it isn't even the tourist spot. It was just on the way to the known tourist spot which is the underground river cave. The Underground River Cave is I think the longest in the world. However, tourist are just allowed to catch a glimpse of it since the cave is not opened for the entire length of it. Nevertheless, you would still be using more than half a day to tour all around, wait in line and admire the beach on the other side.

Look at that blue water!

Entrance to the underground river cave.

Best beach. 
The beach is on a different level of its own. It has the perfect sky-blue hue with clear white sand underneath. The beach stretches long before the water gets deep. I love how everything around is so natural. There weren't bars or cafes along the beach then. Hopefully it stays the same thru the years and not turn into another Boracay.
I love this long beach.
Aside from the beach tours, I went around the city and saw the crocodile farm, the big house of the governor on top of a hill (you get to see a 360 degree view of the entire puerto prinsesa) and some souvenir shops. Puerto Prinsesa also has the cheapest seafood that will surely trigger my allergies.
Baby crocs.
All in all, this place is worth going to and surely I will come back to see its developments in the future. 


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