Sorsogon: Swimming with WhaleSharks

Saturday, July 7, 2007

I went to Sorsogon just because I haven't been there yet. I had no idea where it was or what to do. Apparently, it was where the whalesharks (butanding) go as a pitstop on their way to touring the world. So after a 14hour trip from Manila, we finally reached some dirt road, crossed some NPA infested area (yes, they had red highcut chuck taylor shoes and M16s) and reached a beach where we would ride a boat to get near the whale sharks.
Not the actual butanding but these pieces of bread look very much like them.
The whale sharks are humongous! They are as long as a basketball and fat too. Getting near them was scary at first just because of their size. I learned that these fishes don't eat anything bigger than a finger. Being stupidly curious of me, I swam near them and tried to bait my finger. Lo and behold, it just kept on pushing water of its mouth sort of like rejecting my finger as food. I touched its scales, which was apparently not allowed, but since I didn't know that then, I couldn't help it. I found out that their scales are rough and leathery. 

I tried to swim with it but only for a few seconds since just one flap of their huge fins, they already surge meters ahead. Just don't try to swim behind it. Its tail might smack you and you'll probably end up dead. haha!
I don't have pictures of the actual whale since underwater cameras were not yet that available then. I remember taking a video but I have to find that too. Plus, the water is murky so it probably wouldn't be clear anyway. 


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