Boracay: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Friday, May 30, 2008

Going to Boracay must be done more than once with different sets of people so that you'll get a different vibe everytime. This time I went with my high school barkada. Clean, wholesome fun! Just as if we never left grade school. haha! Yeah, we were the goody goodies then. I think we still are now.

Boracay never fails to amaze.

Guess which ass is mine. :P

Proof of travel.

Banana Boat Fun.

Fly Fish Fantastic!
So far, that is the best water ride I've ever ridden. We really flew out of the raft and into the sea. Once you go flying, you'll probably drown from all the laughing. Good thing life vests were mandatory. This is a must try!


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