Boracay: Girl's Day Out

Friday, July 4, 2008

Post editing not needed. That's how beautiful Boracay is.
One of my high school friends went back home to the Philippines. Since we only had little time together, we decided to catch up in the best beach in the Philippines, Boracay!

Water. My element.
 We mostly played in the water and soaked up the sun. We bought matching seashell bracelets just like when we were in grade school. Ofcourse, we had good, clean fun since it was what we were most known for thru our grade school and high school years.
Love the sun!
Flying Fish is absolutely the stupidest and funnest ride ever made. We held on for dear life on the float where there was nothing to hold on to. We flipped and fell on the water like stepping stones bouncing 3x on the surface of the water before submerging. That's why they require life jackets! Crazy fun ride was worth it!
We're on the other side and it flips like that!

Group shot!


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