Dumaguete: Remote city in the South

Saturday, November 1, 2008

I went to Dumaguete for work. I was working as a project officer in the College Athletics Office of my school, Ateneo. We had to go to Dumaguete for the University Games.
My teammates.

I was there to cheer and take care of admin stuff.

They dropped me on the pool with my clothes on.

9 days in dumaguete. the simple life. eat, sleep, watch games then sleep again.

They have nice sports facilities though.
The track and field.

The swimming pool.

The tennis court. This is inside Siliman University which is bigger than UP. :O
The city is so small that everything is walk-able. There are no traffic lights. Basta go as you please lang lahat. Trike is P8 only everywhere even if you're alone. Also, it can fit 7 people.
There are no pasalubong shops yet.
Dumaguete sure cooks a big pizza!
A sandbar!

What else? Oh it's very hot there! We went swimming in a sandbar though.


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