Universal Studios: Spectacular Effects

Friday, December 26, 2008

The entrance is a warning that you'll get wet.
Visiting Universal Studios is like Disneyland for young adults. Special effects are everywhere. Plus, most of the rides and display items are from recent movies.
Jaws. Classic.
We loved all the rides. There were "Fast and the Furious" special effects scenes and some scenes where water was rushing from a mountain. We saw some of the studios where the shoot movies and series like "Sex and the City". It was fun. I kept wishing I had to work anywhere here. I would have loved it being a movie and tv buff.
She's not the Grinch.
My brother and I rode a water ride where i ended up wet all over. Thus, I had to remove my jacket. Oddly enough, I didn't feel that cold whereas my brother was all bundled up in his clothes.

Coke Soak! 

Oxnard, California: Grandma can be...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Grandma has a lot of rules.
Looks tame enough right?

  • "There is no cleaning/cooking/doing any physical labor in her house unless she does it herself." - I should be really happy for this but I like cleaning.
  • "Don't put the newspaper on the floor coz the newspaper is dirty." - As if the floor isn't?
  • "On a sunny day to conserve energy, keep the lights on. Don't open the window blinds." - I'm confused. How does that save energy?
  • "No spitting in the bathroom sink." - How are we gonna brush our teeth?
That's our corner. (Took this using my lomo camera)
Anyway despite her weird rules, we still had fun around the block. haha! There is nothing much to see in Oxnard. It's a small farming town with a lot of Mexicans all over. Everything is in Spanish. My grandma lived here all her life and still she's a racist woman coz she keeps saying, "Don't stay on the porch. The Mexicans will just shoot you." Watched too much tv, grandma?

I did meet Scooby Doo outside our porch.
We went with my grandma's church friends to go caroling since it was Christmas season. My grandma was too lazy to go with us that she faked a flu. We busted her to her churchmates though. hahaha!
I love the "The Simpsons" decorations.
 Auntie Primi brought us around their little town. She brought us to Port Hueneme. The view is great however is was too cold to go near the water so we went line dancing with her to the old folks center instead.
At Port Hueneme. It's really sunny but really cold too.

Disneyland: Where Dreams Begin

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

...then the real world disappoints big time. Nevertheless, my brother and I were so happy to roam around the "happiest place on earth".
What a way to tour around. (Using my vivitar uws)
Still using my vivitar.
We ate a turkey leg each for lunch. Never thought I'd be eating like the Flintstones in my lifetime. We literally sat on the sidewalk and started munching on our turkey legs. I didn't finish mine but that got us thru the day.

Disney Parade!

It's Grumpy!
Oh the evil step-mother.

We were fascinated with the "New Technology Viewing Space". I can't remember what it's called but it wasn't exactly a ride. You had to climb aboard and inside is like a real house with a kitchen, gym, bedroom. It was so cool because everything is 10years ahead. It's like living in the Jetsons era. You can play music in the kitchen with the controls just about in every panel. You can clap to close the lights or snap or anything. There's a gym, a clinic where they check your body. Everything is just there and everything is high-tech! We wasted about 2hours inside. Before we knew it, it was nighttime.
The Nutcracker.
Good thing we got out just before the parade. The parade was mesmerizing! I grew up with those princesses. :) I felt like a little girl watching it. All those things about a "prince charming" and "happily ever after" really got to me when I was little that now, everything disappoints. haha!
That's me. Sleeping Beauty.

USA: Downtown Los Angeles & Sta. Monica Pier

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Welcome indeed!
So we went to Hollywood just to see what the fuss was all about. Ofcourse, since there was no event that time, nothing was happening. Just your normal night. Still, we liked seeing the Kodak Theater where all the special big-star events happen. There are a lot of souvenir shops too though we didn't buy much coz my dad is a cheapo. Really hoped we'd see a big-time star or a talent manager who'd recruit me but no luck. Oh well, next time then! :P
I could be a rock star! If only i can sing or play an instrument..

I did see Ironman though :P

My dad is really happy with the Kodak Theater.

Best Director? Of course!

We did pass by Sta. Monica Pier too. I like the whole concept of rides and cotton candy. However it was too cold to roam around much. There wasn't much to see too. It reminded me of Seth and Ryan of The O.C. series. I wish I was a part of their life.
The O.C. life.
Of course when you're in LA, shopping is involved. So we window-shopped all around LA until we were tired of roaming around.
Where to go first?
Talk about shop til you drop!

La Union: Surfing

Thursday, December 11, 2008

So I went to La Union for the nth time to go surfing with another set of friends. Turns out, i'm still sea-sick! I can't believe it! I've been swimming since I was in diapers for crying out loud. Apparently, the waves and the heat really makes my head spin no matter how much I try to get myself accustomed to the sport. Oh well.
Normi's Surf B&B

Surf boards we used.

Not much waves. That's not me btw. I'm hotter :P ha!

Rode the bus for 4.5 hours from manila. The bus was freaking speeding. Arrived at 4:30am @la union. Everything is still closed.

Early morning surf. When the sun came out, we got up and ate breakfast. Found out the Milo popsicle is yummy!

Camarines Sur: CWC

Monday, December 1, 2008

So CWC is really the place to go in Camsur. It's cheap, it's fun and it's convenient. However for this particular trip, it took us16hours to get there coz we had to do a "drivetest" for our friend, Martin's work. It was what we came to do. The wakeboarding was just a side trip since we were already in the area (and we got there for no cost!).
The real reason why we are in the area.

I think this is the only traffic light in Legaspi, Albay. Look! Genius!
 This post is mostly about the food in CWC. Yummy!

I forgot what this is but it looks pretty good.

Ultimate Squid!

Nice ambiance at night.
Sunny Mt. Mayon in Albay! :)

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