Disneyland: Where Dreams Begin

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

...then the real world disappoints big time. Nevertheless, my brother and I were so happy to roam around the "happiest place on earth".
What a way to tour around. (Using my vivitar uws)
Still using my vivitar.
We ate a turkey leg each for lunch. Never thought I'd be eating like the Flintstones in my lifetime. We literally sat on the sidewalk and started munching on our turkey legs. I didn't finish mine but that got us thru the day.

Disney Parade!

It's Grumpy!
Oh the evil step-mother.

We were fascinated with the "New Technology Viewing Space". I can't remember what it's called but it wasn't exactly a ride. You had to climb aboard and inside is like a real house with a kitchen, gym, bedroom. It was so cool because everything is 10years ahead. It's like living in the Jetsons era. You can play music in the kitchen with the controls just about in every panel. You can clap to close the lights or snap or anything. There's a gym, a clinic where they check your body. Everything is just there and everything is high-tech! We wasted about 2hours inside. Before we knew it, it was nighttime.
The Nutcracker.
Good thing we got out just before the parade. The parade was mesmerizing! I grew up with those princesses. :) I felt like a little girl watching it. All those things about a "prince charming" and "happily ever after" really got to me when I was little that now, everything disappoints. haha!
That's me. Sleeping Beauty.


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