Oxnard, California: Grandma can be...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Grandma has a lot of rules.
Looks tame enough right?

  • "There is no cleaning/cooking/doing any physical labor in her house unless she does it herself." - I should be really happy for this but I like cleaning.
  • "Don't put the newspaper on the floor coz the newspaper is dirty." - As if the floor isn't?
  • "On a sunny day to conserve energy, keep the lights on. Don't open the window blinds." - I'm confused. How does that save energy?
  • "No spitting in the bathroom sink." - How are we gonna brush our teeth?
That's our corner. (Took this using my lomo camera)
Anyway despite her weird rules, we still had fun around the block. haha! There is nothing much to see in Oxnard. It's a small farming town with a lot of Mexicans all over. Everything is in Spanish. My grandma lived here all her life and still she's a racist woman coz she keeps saying, "Don't stay on the porch. The Mexicans will just shoot you." Watched too much tv, grandma?

I did meet Scooby Doo outside our porch.
We went with my grandma's church friends to go caroling since it was Christmas season. My grandma was too lazy to go with us that she faked a flu. We busted her to her churchmates though. hahaha!
I love the "The Simpsons" decorations.
 Auntie Primi brought us around their little town. She brought us to Port Hueneme. The view is great however is was too cold to go near the water so we went line dancing with her to the old folks center instead.
At Port Hueneme. It's really sunny but really cold too.


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