Minnesota: Winter Wanderland

Monday, January 5, 2009

Go Vikings!
Minnesota is very different from LA. For one thing, the temperature dropped more than 10 degrees. It's extremely cold especially since the wind was blowing too. The temperature reaches until -27C. Now that's cold. We could even eat ice cream inside the room and it wouldn't melt. The drinks we had for the party were submerged in the snow so that they will stay cold since we didn't have room in the kitchen anymore. The refrigerator is warmer than the air inside the room. It was a weather that I could get used to.
Welcome to the coldest place in the US.

I need shades with wipers.

There's too much snow.
 My brother and I window-shopped (yes, again coz we really didn't have any money. Nobody gave us any) Mall of America. Man, was it huge! We had to go floor by floor per day. We went back 3x just to cover the entire area. On the last day, we found out that the surplus stores can be found on the top most level. That's where we were able to buy a few things.
Good luck Rocky. Try to eat everything!
We went around the city of St. Paul but there wasn't much to see. We pretty much stayed at home and played video games. We tried to snowboard but then the snow is more icy so they said it was dangerous. We just snow sled instead.
One thing I love about American culture is the fanaticism with football. Good thing we got a chance to watch a football game in the stadiums. The stadium is big! Around thrice the size of the biggest in the Philippines. Also, the Vikings won against the Giants. That meant they were in for the semis. I love it!
Crowds going crazy!
Big stadium!
We stayed for the new year celebration. The had a tradition where they'd run around the block with luggages. They said it will bring them more travels for the new year. It didn't work for me. haha!
Anyway, one thing I noticed is that there weren't any colored people in Minnesota. All of them are white except for the football players. Unlike in L.A. where some of the sales people talk to us in Tagalog coz they can sense that we're Filipinos. 


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