Mt. Pinatubo: Beautiful Volcano

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pretty ain't it?

3am! We all had no sleep. Struggle to go to NLEX. Reached the base at 6am. We rode the 4x4 thru the sand which was the lava from the volcano when it erupted last June 1991. The ride was a bit bumpy but it was a fun experience. We really went early to see the volcano at sunrise.  :)

Without the editing. Doesn't look like it's from the Philippines.
Climbed up the volcano took just an hour. There were stairs going down the crater. We swam in the crater. However, the water tasted different from an ocean or a lake. Maybe that's the taste of sulfur. hehe If you swim for just a few strokes, the bottom level suddenly drops. It can be really scary coz when i tried to look down, i couldn't see the floor of the crater anymore. I wondered if I would see Nessie there. 

People started flocking around 9am. Good thing we arrived early so our pictures were people-free.
Group shot!
 It was a nice short adventure. It was done just after lunch and cost about P1000 per person. 


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