Anawangin, Zambales: Torture Hike

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I had this idea of an impromptu road trip. Since my friends are pretty much easy to convince, they joined me without knowing anything about the trip. Basically, i just asked them to bring 2 sets of clothes, flashlight, canned food, water, and mats. I required them to wear rubbershoes and bring a backpack. I picked them up from their homes the day before. We all hung-out in my condo before waiting for our departure time.
Anawangin is beautiful.
12mn: We were off to Zambales. Stopped by subic for some food and water since no one brought any.
Walking in the dark.

4am: We were on the bottom of the mountain ready to trek up Mt. Anawangin. We had no idea what was in it for us. We just knew that we were going back down the same day and that we were gonna trek all the way back too. Most of the people rent a boat for the trip. By boat, it would just take half an hour to/from the beach. Camping is what most people do. But since we didn't have camping materials, we decided that we won't stay the night and that we'll just trek back instead.

Are we lost?
730am: We trekked fast enough to reach the beach in just 3.5hours! It was a great feat. We did stop for pictures especially when we were up the mountain. Trekking can be really dangerous. One small slip and you're gonna be literally tumbling down the side of the mountain. No mistakes must be made. The hard part of the trek was that there are no set paths yet. Not many people have trekked this mountain so you really have to create your own path. Yes there was a guide but he usually walked so fast that we barely see him. He will just wait for us at the top of the mountain or we'd have to yell for him to slow down. It was fun walking in the dark. We had flashlights but you can only see whatever it is in front of you. Most of the time you wouldn't see the branches sticking out and will bump your head since you're mostly focused on your feet.

12nn: We stayed on the beach. Good thing I brought a mat. I slept most of the day. My friends played in the water. I reminded my brother not to go too deep because of the great undercurrent. There are no stores there so you really have to bring everything with you.
Long hike ahead. 
 2pm: We decided to trek back so that we won't be caught in the middle of the mountain when it gets dark. Going back took us a long time. The sun was blaring it's rays on us that we easily got fatigued because of the heat. It didn't help that we only had a few bottles of water left. We were drinking just a sip at a time to make sure the water will last for the whole trip back. We were partly hallucinating that we were comparing the hike to love. We had tons of symbolisms. I'm pasting this from the facebook note that I made before:
walking for 7 + 8hours can make you realize about a lot of things. lalo na sa bundok.

1) i realized that i like going up a mountain more than going down. i'm scared of falling eh :P
2) instead of falling, i would rather hang on to an unstable grass.
3) pag may tinahak at nahirapan, bakit pa babalikan?
4) u wouldn't realize that u get little scratches up until u jump into the ocean. then all the little scratches will hurt like hell.
5) im a one-step-at-a-time kind of person. i rarely look ahead to see if im still on the right track. that's why i usually stray away from the trail but still in the right direction.
6) i don't just follow the guide, i make my own trail :P
7) pag pagod ka na sa kakalakad, mahirap na maglakad pa ulit.
8) but then basta masaya ang mga kasama, kahit mahirap masaya pa rin.
9) may mga bagay na nasimulan na at pinuhunan na kaya itutuloy nalang kahit hindi naman na gusto pa.
10) sa simula masaya pero may burn out moment din ang lahat.
11) tigas ng ulo at will to survive lang talaga ang maasahan to get to the goal.

madami pa to eh. nakalimutan ko na ung mga hirit ng mga tao. sabi na nga ba dapat sinulat ko eh. kaso wala na kong energy for that. haha! dagdagan nyo nalang :P 
We're dirty. 
7pm: It took us 5hrs to get back. We were so darn tired that nobody wanted to shower anymore. But since we are all dirty and stinky, we asked the guide if we can use the poso (water source where you have to pump) in his house.

8pm: We passed by Subic to eat dinner. My friend who volunteered to drive us back and forth was so tired that he stopped in the middle of the road and asked me to drive. Since I was known for being unable to sleep while in a car (yes, i am a road trip junkie), I obliged. Broke a few rules mainly about speeding since I was anxious to get us home into our beds.

12mn: Arrived back in Manila, exhausted but extremely happy and proud!
On top of the mountain. Still a long way to go!
Exactly a 24-hour trip! :)


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