Quezon: Bitukang Manok

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The trip to the Bicol region takes 6-12hours depending on where exactly you would want to go. You will pass thru mountains, by the sea, markets, towns, ghost towns before you will get where you will go. On one of my road trips to Camarines Sur, my friend decided to take the Bitukang Manok (Chicken's Entrails?) road in Pagbilao, Quezon. There are 2 ways from Quezon to get to Bicol, there is the longer but safer road which the buses use and is a part of the Maharlika Highway then there is the Bitukang Manok where wannabe-racers try out.

Sharp turns.
Have you ever seen Inital D? You know Takumi and his Mt. Akina stunts. Well, the Mt. Akina zigzags is very similar to Bitukang Manok. If you are not confident with your driving skills, do NOT try it out for risking damage to your car, the passengers and other cars too.

Be careful.
To get up the zigzags, there are people who will be waving flags of red or green telling you if it's your turn. Wait for your turn patiently. No 2 cars can turn at the same curve at the same time so be very careful. You also will not be able to see if there is oncoming traffic so just wait for the signal or else it will be hard to back up the sharp turn.

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