Rizal: Avilon Zoo

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ever since I was in grade school, there was only one zoo we go to. It's the Manila Zoo. I'm not sure if it's maintained until today but I remember it was just a small, smelly zoo with the most basic animals you can find. Good thing that a new zoo opened in Rizal.

Crazy parrot!

He's shocked i'm sticking out my tongue to him.
Avilon Zoo is a big big zoo. Walking under the heat of the sun is torture but you can't help but be proud of it. There are a lot of animals and arachnids. I saw that they are building a dog center where dog breeds from other countries were imported. I'm so excited for that because I saw the dog in the cartoons that blows his long hair from his face. I don't even know what breed that is but hopefully next time we can come and play with them.

Just after Avilon, there's this dam where it was said that Bernadio Carpio pushed the 2 rocks apart. Anyway, we went there during HS and I was dismayed to find that now there are a lot of squatters in the area. It's not good for swimming anymore. I was afraid I'd get mugged.
The white rocks are still pretty though.
Bye Avilon!

Anilao: Windsurfing

Thursday, December 24, 2009

When the sail falls, bring it back up.
Who would have thought that there's windsurfing very near Metro Manila. In Anilao Batangas, just about 3hours away from Manila is a resort which provides all the windsurfing equipments you need. You just have to show up, book a room with them and that's it. For an overnight trip, we paid just a little above P1000 for everything. The lessons, the rent, the room and even the food. We asked the owner to buy us food from the market then they just cooked it for us. It wasn't beach-season since it's December that's why we got everything at a discounted rate. Nevertheless, the sun was up and the wind was blowing.

Windsurfing can be tiring and frustrating at times. Even when the wind is not blowing, you can still move the board by adjusting the sails. Too bad we weren't professionals. Thus, a guide had to come to us in the middle of the ocean to help us adjust our sails. If don't know how to swim, being trapped in the middle of the ocean with only a surfboard on your feet and a life jacket can be pretty scary. But don't worry, the guides pretty much watch us from the beach so they can come rescue you immediately. ;)

Weight doesn't matter. You'll stay afloat.

Like the both of us in 1 board. :)

Clark: El Kabayo

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I wanted to spend time with my siblings. Unfortunately, the feeling was not mutual. haha! I only got to convince my sister to go with me. Since I know she's a fan or horseback-riding (this was based on the fact that she loved to ride horses in Baguio when she was 6years old, about 10years ago. Very reliable data, i know! :P) I decided to bring her to Clark, Pampanga in El Kabayo.

Gear up!

El Kabayo is a spanish ranch that have big race horses. This is my first time horseback-riding so I was really nervous to climb up the horse's back. For a control-freak, having no control of what the horse is thinking made me jittery. Plus, my horse was kind of vain. She didn't want flies buzzing around her. Who does? But every time a fly buzzes up, she freaks and jumps up. I had to hold on for dear life! Crazy horse...

Now, where's my helmet?

Anyway, it was an hour-long ride along fields, waterfalls, rivers and roads inside Clark. I didn't know those places existed there. The rate was about P300 then we had to rent helmets too. There are actually 10-hour classes after which they give you a certificate that you are a rider. Then you can ride without the help of those horse guides. 

Nice view right?

Bumpy bumpy ride.
The experience was new and it was fun to try. But me and horses, don't really mix.  hehe!

Anilao, Batangas: Windsurfing

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ever tried windsurfing? Apparently, there's one here near Metro Manila. Just in Anilao, which is famous for snorkeling, you can now also do some windsurfing. It is a little harder than surfing since you have to learn how to catch the wind and control the sails with your wait. Direction and speed are hard to control. It took us a while to get back to the shore after going too far. We almost wanted the instructors to pull us instead. But still, a new sport! Very cheap too. Try it!

Even sumo-sized people can be accommodated. Peace kins!

Picking up your sail in the water is heavy.

I'm hitching a ride on his board. 

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