Rizal: Avilon Zoo

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ever since I was in grade school, there was only one zoo we go to. It's the Manila Zoo. I'm not sure if it's maintained until today but I remember it was just a small, smelly zoo with the most basic animals you can find. Good thing that a new zoo opened in Rizal.

Crazy parrot!

He's shocked i'm sticking out my tongue to him.
Avilon Zoo is a big big zoo. Walking under the heat of the sun is torture but you can't help but be proud of it. There are a lot of animals and arachnids. I saw that they are building a dog center where dog breeds from other countries were imported. I'm so excited for that because I saw the dog in the cartoons that blows his long hair from his face. I don't even know what breed that is but hopefully next time we can come and play with them.

Just after Avilon, there's this dam where it was said that Bernadio Carpio pushed the 2 rocks apart. Anyway, we went there during HS and I was dismayed to find that now there are a lot of squatters in the area. It's not good for swimming anymore. I was afraid I'd get mugged.
The white rocks are still pretty though.
Bye Avilon!


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