Six Flags: Roller Coaster Thrill

Monday, January 4, 2010

Woohoo! Excited!
Ofcourse I wouldn't miss a trip without a roller coaster ride. Especially from the infamous Six Flags. We just had to try it. And tried we did. We went thru all the coasters and passed out from exhaustion in the end.
We love every single bit of it.

We especially liked Superman where you'll shoot straight up into the air then come back down at super high speed and the 4D ride where in one part you are plummeting to earth face down thinking that you'll smash on the ground below.
My brother with his UCLA bear (pronounced uk-lah).
There is also a ride where you start facing down. Cool huh?
Don't drop your gum!

Lots of twists and turns.
 There are lots of rides to try. Best is to come early in the morning and start with the easy ones like Batman and Joker. 


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