Lobo, Batangas: RNO Outing

Monday, February 22, 2010

Lobo, Batangas is quite far and hard to go to. The roads here are still on it's way to being paved. However, once you get there, you will find a peaceful village where there's sand, sun and beach.

We stayed at a friend's house so it was a major money-saver for us. The sand is not that fine and white but it's good enough to run and play on. There were not much rocks which was good, however in the deeper end there are quite a number of jellyfishes swimming around so just try not to get close to them. The sunset though is beautiful.

My friend's neighbor is a foreigner who retired on this beach. I think it is a good place to retire.

Sunset in Lobo.

Beach stretch.

The blue waters.

Lobo in tagalog means werewolf. My friends and I wondered why the place was given such name. Maybe we should've talked to the locals to get the urban legend of the place.

Singapore: Beat the Heat!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Little India.
We didn't beat the heat. We almost died of heat stroke! But it was fun to walk around the city for hours.
The city is so systematic that nobody will ever get lost. Amazing! Walking through the entire city under the blazing heat of the singapore sun is a great way to lose some pounds. Too bad that zy and I are already stick thin that by the time we got back home, we became roasted skeletons. haha!

The Sentosa Bus.
Take the bus or the MTR. We preferred the MTR because we had no idea where the buses will take us. We did a lot of walking too. The city is relatively small that you can tackle almost everything in just one weekend. Plan ahead though and get a city map so you won't get lost.

Take a tour of the city using the local mode of transportation.
Get a map.

  • Orchard Road - the shopping district of Singapore. walk the entire length of it (4 stations worth of MTR) and you'll see affordable brands to just-looking-brands such as Louis Vuitton.

  • Clark Quay - this is like the Eastwood of Singapore. They also have the Gmax Bungee ride that is a must try for those with strong hearts.
Clark Quay
  • Sentosa - beaches, rides and attractions, sights to see. It's all in there. Ride the MTR that will take you to the bus station. Pay S$2 for the bus ride then it brings you inside Sentosa Park. There a lot of packages to choose from so make sure you try whatever you want. I became an acrobat for a few minutes and tried the Flying Trapeze! Try the Luge too. The pull of gravity thru a racing kart is fun.

Sandy beach!
  • Chinatown - visit chinatown for some color and added flavor to your tour. There are a lot of things that can be bought here and a lot of temples to see too.
One of the temples.
  • Mustafa Center - in the center of Indiatown, there is a 24-hour mall that sells everything! For the early morning arrivals there, this is the place to go to waste time and cash :P
  • Night Safari - this is located far from the city so you'd have to take a bus to see it. But if you have the time, why not visit it too?
We stayed in the Backpackers Inn. They had good rates for dormitory-type or private-type rooms. There is a lounge area (the reception) where you can watch television all day long or just hang around with the other tourists. Most of the guests here are Europeans. They also serve buffet breakfast but in a prepare-your-own style. They just put out the bread, fillings, eggs, coffee, juice and do whatever you want. For this setup, it can actually be very home-y.

Fruit shakes!
Singapore is actually a very healthy city. Be sure to eat in the most authentic places a.k.a. bus stops, market carinderia, etc. They serve a mix of Indian, Chinese, Malaysian cuisines so you'll get a lot of noodles, curry and dumplings. Since it is a healthy city, sodas are very expensive and they rarely sell them in the stalls. They sell all kinds of fruit shakes, soya milks and sugarcane juices. Be sure to eat here instead on the sit-down restaurants as they are cheaper and you get the feel of being a local.

Enjoy your trip! Have as much fun!

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