Theme Park: Enchanted Kingdom

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Last time I went to Enchanted Kingdom was too long ago. Surprisingly enough, it was the same EK i remembered. Nothing much changed. They were very few new rides. I remember trying out the Go Kart and the 4x4 ATV for an extra cost which was waaay expensive. This time we went on a whim. We were supposed to go Ice Skating but then for an hour, it costs around P500. :O We forced one of my friends to drive down south in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

There are a lot of discounts that Enchanted Kingdom offers. You can check their website before going there to make sure you have all the IDs needed to get a P50-100 off. We got student discounts because some of my friends are still in college taking up Masters or something. hehe! Do make sure that there isn't an event inside before going. If there are field trips or some big concert or holiday, you'll spend most of your time waiting in line. This can definitely rain on your kiddie trip. 

Oh and speaking of rain, I believe that if it rains for more than 30mins, the rides will close and they'll give you a refund. That's good but make sure the weather is sunny coz driving that far to get a refund won't be fun at all.

These guys are acting very kiddie-like. Love it!

EK also provides entertainment from Filipino artist. They usually perform near the Food area. Food is a little expensive inside as expected from a theme park. But when you're hungry from all the walking and queuing (is this even a word?), you can't help but buy from there. One ride we absolutely loved is the Rio Grande. You know those water rides that can get you really wet? Well we got pretty wet! We were dripping wet when we got to the parking and smelled of gasoline. Eeek! But it was sure fun!

Good thing no one sat there!
Life is short. Have a blast! :)


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