Caramoan: Far Away Paradise

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Why Camaroan is NOT worth it:

An island we passed by.
To get to Caramoan, you have to ride a:
1. Bus going to Sabang/Talisay Port. The ride will take about 10-12hours. Be sure to arrive at the port before lunch break.
2. Wait for a ferry that will take you to Caramoan. Depending on the arrival of the bus, this may take up to 2hours. The ferry is scheduled almost every 2 hours with the last trip being at around 1pm.
3. Climb on top of a porters shoulders if you don't want you and all your belongings to get wet. Pay P20.
Porters to the rescue!
4. Ride the ferry boat for about 2hours. See blue all around.
5. Arrive at the other port and wait for a jeepney that will take you to Caramoan.
6. Take a jeepney ride for about an hour across mountains. This can be a very bumpy ride. 
7. Arrive at Caramoan beach. If you feel sick, we understand.
8. To get to the white beaches, ask for a tour from the locals. The give out tours for P1500-2500 depending on the duration and number of islands that you will visit. I am advising that you do this the next day since all the traveling has probably made you sluggish and sick.

The way back is the same. Just do it on reverse. Leave very early the next morning so you wouldn't miss the ferry that will take you to Sabang Port. On the way, visit this very old church and take some pictures.

A sight (not) to see.
Photo from a friend. The only church there i think.
Bring a tent and set it up on the beach for a minimal fee per person. P150 i think. With this fee you can make use of the toilets and showers and outlets already. If you don't want to pay for your stay, find a local's home and ask if you can make use of their deep wells to take a bath. You can go to the Captain's house as he is very accommodating.
If you aren't much of a tent person, there are ready rooms for reservations. There are also restaurants so you wouldn't have to worry about food. However, might as well bring gas and stoves if you want the whole outdoors experience.

I can say that Caramoan is pretty but is very toxic to visit just for a long weekend. If I had money, i would probably take a flight to Naga/Legaspi, then travel to Sabang/Talisay port via bus or jeepney. This would at least take the 12hour bus ride off. 




Hmm. I'm really impressed with the island you passed by. Somehow, it strikes me as a place pirates will choose to maroon someone. :) With all the beaches to choose from in the Philippines, I guess this place wouldn't be the top pick from what you tell us but not for lack of beauty or anything. It's just that Philippines has so much to offer that even paradises don't shine that much.

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