Camarines Sur: Wakeboarding Success

Monday, May 3, 2010

This is my nth time going to Naga. I've been to Naga for a bunch of times for competition. Recently, i have been going to Naga for the Wakeboarding escapade at CamSur Watersports Complex. (CWC) This time, I went to camsur and tricked my brother into taking the Ateneo de Naga Entrance Exam. Yes, tricked him. He didn’t know he’d be taking the exam til we were on the bus halfway to Naga. hahaha! We arrived and somehow by some magical movement in the universe, he took the exam. After the exam, we set out to do what we were actually supposed to do…wakeboarding! 
Malunggay and Kalamansi flavors
Ate lunch, then had ice cream for desert. flavors: SILI, MALUNGGAY, TINUTONG, KALAMANSI. just P25 per scoop so we tried them all. malunggay very dry. tinutong really taste like sunog na kanin. kalamansi is yumyum. and the sili, well…as Francis put it, “san ka makakakita ng pinagpapawisan habang kumakain ng ice cream?” The ice cream can be found in SM Foodcourt, the left most stall. Try it! Very different flavors for a very affordable price.

We ate dinner super tipid style. sa carinderia in front of SM. P69 fed us 4. wow! :D

We stayed in this new hotel. CBD Hotel. It is cheap and clean plus the elevator is a good surprise. Very high-tech. It is right infront of the Bus Terminal which is across SM. So it is very easy to commute to CWC because the buses that pass by CWC are just parked at the bus terminals.

Hitching a ride to the highway
To CWC from CBD, ride the bus to Legaspi. Ask the driver to drop you off on the road to CWC then ride a tricycle that will take you inside the sports complex. If not, hitch a ride with the motorcycles. It's around P15/person.

To get to Naga from Manila, there are a number of buses to choose from. My favorites are Isarog (Phone: +63(2)9133551) and Penafrancia Bus Lines (Phone: +63(2)9131528). They have Lazy Boy bus seats and comfort rooms for only P1000. The normal bus fare is P700. You can call them to reserve seats a month in advance. You can also visit them at their main terminal which is located near Ali Mall in Cubao.

There was a long line in the Wakeboarding area so we tried the IceBergs which was located in the other lake. It was fun to climb up the iceberg then slide down. kulit nung 2kids! it was fun to watch them run around but also they made me feel really old. felt like i had a kid going to college. hay.
Next day was real wakeboarding day. Got to stand up til the first curve. once the rope slacked, the board stopped and almost sunk then the rope got tight again and i fell splat on the water. hahaha! But I'm now better. I can get far standing up already. Francis was lucky to get to stand up his 1st hour! daya!
My wakeboarders.
Visit the CWC site to see the rates of the wakeboarding/skateboarding fees and lodging amenities. (
Went back to manila totally tired but super enjoyed! :)


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