Lobo, Batangas: EMT Outing

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ninja pose!
For our 1st year celebration as a group, we went to Lobo, Batangas. It is more than an hour away from Batangas city. Roads are not yet finished so needless to say, it was a very bumpy ride. It felt so far and no water was in sight that we thought we were going the wrong direction. After crossing like 7 mountains, we finally reached the beach.
This part of Batangas is not that crowded. It was peaceful....so much that when one of our cars broke down, no one could come help us. There are only a few cars that pass by the one-lane highway that we had no problem parking in the middle of the road and stretching our legs. 

Back to the beach...the beach is not ideal. It was very rocky. There weren't much sand. In a beach you'd expect sand then water. Here, there are just rocks big and small then water. We have no idea why that is so. Anyway, we still enjoyed the water since it was very hot. But beware for non-swimmers, after a few feet from where the water starts, the "sand" beneath your feet drops then it becomes very deep. Just stay 3 steps inside the water. 

We didn't really pay attention to the sign board since we were already inside the facility and was having our pictures taken.

We went up the lighthouse. Lobo is, i think, at the tip of Batangas. The trail up to the lighthouse is very easy but dusty. Once there, the view is great. Across the sea, I assumed are the other parts of Batangas although my friends said, with confidence, that it is Japan or China. Totally off-mark since we're on the other side of the Philippines. Anyway, we had a great time exploring/trying to get in the lighthouse. 
Lobo, Batangas is a good place to go for an outing since it's cheap; it's slightly closer from the city than any of the other beaches; and it's peaceful. We discovered a halo-halo place a few houses from our resort. They put melon strips, mangoes and banana in their halo-halo for only 20pesos. Yum! 

I can't say what the price was for our cabanas but there were around 15 of us and for an overnight escapade, we paid around 1k each. This includes the food, accommodations and gas. :)

*pictures from my friend (http://iamthetopdog.blogspot.com/)


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