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Friday, July 23, 2010

Macau is one of the most unique places i've been to. For a non-gambler like myself, going here once is more than enough experience for me. However contrary to the usual HK-Macau trip tandem, i find it worthy to separate visiting the 2 countries in order to appreciate the quirkiness of Macau more.

FOOD TRIP Arriving in Macau at 12mn is NOT advisable. Although it is the Vegas of the East, shops in Macau close earlier than expected. By midnight, there are only a few shops left where you can grab a bite to eat. Be sure to have a healthy meal before the flight and bring along snacks with you for the midnight and the morning after. Yup, the morning after coz people here wake up late!

At 11am, most of the shops are still cleaning and fixing around stuff. Usually people start serving food by noon time. There are however, a few pastry shops open. Grab egg tarts and cookies there then find some milk tea. Breakfast would cost about MOP 25 (around Php150).

For lunch, enjoy noodles from the Chinese restaurants or rice toppings. There are a lot of sidestreets where
you can discover places to eat. But incase you get lost, the top floor of New YaoHan offers a variety of cuisines.

Eat dinner anywhere! All shops are open during dinner time. Try portugese cuisine around Senado Square (locals call it "San Ma Lo"). However, this can be costly. Around MOP 100 (Php600) for a singl
e dish.


  • Senado Square (San Ma Lo) - where most shops are located. Is very quiet in the mornings until 11am. Very busy at night. Watch out for the signs coz the St. Paul Ruins is very near.
  • New YaoHan - almost all the Pinoys we talked to there pointed us to the only mall in Macau. Very good way to take off the heat.
  • Guia Fortress - a long walk from Senado Square. Once there, buy a 2-way cable car pass for MOP3. Once inside the fortress, take a long walk to the lighthouse. There is a small armor museum there. This is the highest point in Macau.
  • Fisherman's Wharf - Temporarily closed but nice to take pictures. Near most of the casinos like MGM Grand or Wynn.
  • Grand Prix Musuem - amazing race cars. No entrance fee. Walkable from Fisherman's Wharf. just infront of the Gold Lotus.
  • Wine Museum - same place as with the Grand Prix Museum but the entrance fee is MOP10.
  • Maritime Museum - Learn about the history of Macau. It is right beside the A-Ma Temple. Take the bus to Barra.
  • Temples - There are a lot of temples all over. We even visited the one near the border of Guangzhou. Not much of a fan of temples but the trip near the border was an eye-opener.
  • Taipa Village - Take the bus to central Taipa. The Olympic sports complex is right beside it. Looks like a small town with a lot of restaurants. Much nicer than in Macau proper.
If you have money, go to the grander hotels. If you are on a budget, try the guesthouses or budget houses. Just reserve online in hotels that have email addresses then find a decent place to actually stay once you get there.


Mostly walk. Buses have 2 end terminals so make sure you are taking the bus that is going in the right direction. Bus fares are either MOP 3.20 or 4.20 around macau. Taxi fares have a flag down rate of MOP13.


Wear exercise clothes. There are a lot of gym equipments scattered throughout the city. Stop to exercise your abs and obliques :P
Bring an ipod! People in Macau don't play any music at all. Not in the shops, not in the bus, not in the malls. Not even plain house music of chinese cultural sounds much less american pop! Everything is eerie quiet. You'll go insane!
Nobody speaks english! Ask directions from foreigners who are confused and lost as well. They might not give you answers but they understand your question and they give a sense of hope that you are not alone in wandering. You may also try asking teenagers who have a better chance of understanding you than the old grumpy people.
Oh don't forget to
get a tourist map from the information counter just before you leave the airport. Make sure it has english words in it!

Basically once in Macau is enough.



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Macau Is beautiful... :-)

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