Resignation Fiasco

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I know this is not at all travel-related but this fiasco has brought me places like THE HIGHER ROAD and the HIGHEST LEVEL in DANTE's INFERNO!

This story should have been as simple as handing in your resignation, fixing all requirements and closing pending transactions but the company won't allow matters to be handled in such a professional and simplistic manner.


July 5, 2010 - I sent my resignation letter to HR. This was noted and signed by my superior. Oh and there's another harassing story about this acceptance of my letter from HR. (see details below)

July 19, 2010 - Completed transactions with the Treasury Office of DMPI. Submitted postdated checks which they signed and received. A receiving receipt was also given to me.

I photocopied all the letters I made, all the checks and all receipts for a total of 8 pages long. One copy was given to HR, one to my department's admin assistant and one copy for me.

July 26, 2010 - An email was sent to me by a Law Office wherein it said that a legal case is filed against me for "Breach of Contract" for the Training Service Agreement.

Why i think that this is infuriating:

1. I am still an employee of the company. I asked for the 30-day notice to be waived since I needed my rest badly. They declined thus, my effective date of resignation is still on Aug 5, 2010.

2. I have NOT received my pay for July 15 which, I believe, covers June 16-30 workdays. The last paycheck should've been for July 16-August 5. What are they doing holding my paychecks?

3. Legal cases must be filed if after the 30-day period I have not made any actions regarding the contract I signed. Also, legal cases must be filed with proper evidence. Check first before acting on it. I submitted all necessary documents for that Training Service Agreement way before my August 5 deadline. I have closed that issue and they should have checked on all matters before contacting a 3rd-party Law Office.

4. The 30-day period is REQUIRED to ensure that i have fully transferred all my accountables. I have not been properly given that 30-day period as my PC account has already been deactivated (by HR, i suppose but certainly not my department) thus i cannot access my email anymore.

Out of good faith I followed all the requirements for the resignation. I signed the transfer of my PC which includes the CPU, monitor, keyboard, mouse and LAN cable. I signed the transfer of my pedestal and given the key as well. I closed my Expense Allocation Fund (EAF) thus returning the P10,000 they loaned me. I paid my bond thru Post-dated checks for 1 year which the HR required.

Since I am still an employee and still am going to the office, I have yet to submit my proxy card and my service unit SIM card, but have given permission for its deactivation on July 30, which is again before my August 5 effectivity date.

I did everything required of me and this is what i get in return! Too much hassle and harassment! No wonder people just run away after resignation.

Needless to say, I am gravely disappointed with how things were handled. From the ineffectiveness of the Engineering Management Training Program as they call it to the way things were handled until the end. This is it. Good Riddance!

~~~~details of submission of resignation letter to HR~~~~~

I submitted my resignation letter to HR last July 5, 2010. I went down at 4pm and tried to find the VP of HR to whom I addressed my letter. I decided to address to him the letter feeling that it would be appropriate since I was employed thru an HR scheme called the "Engineering Management Trainee Program". Seeing as he was in a meeting, I was directed to the Manager for Engineering Employees who, coincidentally, was the person who signed me, as well, more than a year ago.

She processed my resignation letter and conducted the exit interview which is a routine necessity for all leaving employees. I asked for my 30-day notice to be waived which they declined. I think they did not at all value my reason for leaving which btw were health reasons. Maybe they thought it was just a reason I made up so I can leave and make a run for it. (Too bad i wasn't hospitalized. That would keep them off my case!)

After talking with her, I was passed on to the Manager for Technical Training. Seeing as i was leaving before my 3year-7month-bond finishes, they tried to convince me to just transfer to another department. I did not reconsider it seeing as the transfer would not change the ineffectiveness of the entire program. Needless to say, I was leaving due to health reasons which were due to their lack of plans for the program. The program was just a way to lure great minds from high-standing schools and tie them up in a 4-year bond which would rot their brains out, suck-out all the hope they had for life and its wonderful opportunities and imprison them with a bond that would be hard to repay given their meager salaries.

Talking with the TechTrain Man was frustrating. He kept going on and on for the "real" reason I was leaving. He was trying to pry something out from me that wasn't there. He kept asking if i was maltreated/abused/blackmailed by someone in my department. Of course he was trying to save his ass since I blamed them for my leaving. Typical. He kept throwing phrases such as "off-the-record" and "satin dalawa lang". I made my case. That was my reason so just accept it. Funny now that he should have seen the first draft of my resignation letter. That was brutal. My boss didn't want to sign it since it would definitely create chaos between me and the company.

Upon convincing him that I would rather rest and be poor than get my ass back to that office, he proceeded to talk about the bond. Bond oh bond!

The bond I have is for 3years and 7months. Worth about 16months of allowance from my college days. Of course, i had a rather big allowance. Sort of. Anyway, I didn't want to pay the said amount for I have not completed and received ALL the trainings indicated on the contract. There were a lot of loopholes in the said contract such as:

1. AFTER the classroom training, said bond would amount to XXXX Pesos. It purposely said "After" and NOT "After Starting". So finishing the 2-month classroom training would be a requirement for one to pay the bond. Not after attending Day 1.

2. There are 3-Phases of the Training: Classroom (2months), OJT (5months) and Immersion (1year). For the HR department, the "phases" and the "duration" of these phases are interchangeable depending on their need to win their side.

I contested that the 2month classroom training placed in the program was not completely fulfilled by them as we just received 16days of training. (They said that 2months = 44 work days). They clarified that during the 1st 2months when we should have been receiving our classroom training, whenever the instructors would not be around, that particular day would be counted in the 2nd phase (OJT). So basically, the 16days of training is still running and there are 28days left for the classroom training. The 3Phases of the program can coincide with one another whenever they feel like mixing it up.

I was still in the OJT PHASE. I have not been given a permanent position which they defined as the 3rd phase. Put it, I am still in Phase 2 despite my 1year and 2month tenure at the company. However, since the two words are interchangeable for HR, they said that my bond should be the full amount since I am already in the 3rd phase of the program. I clarified that I am still in the 2nd phase and they said that since I am already more than a year in the company, I am considered a part of the 3rd phase.

There is, however a clause in the program that says, "It is understood that the length or duration of a training program may vary depending on the capacity of the Trainee." I volunteered to make a letter and have the proper people sign it if i can prove that I am still just 2/3 of my program.

NR. He went back to barraging me about my "real" reason for leaving.

3. There are a lot of loopholes in the contract. I could not have my lawyer check for it since i WAS NOT given a copy of the Agreement the exact date I signed it. That already is a breach on their side.

After an hour of questions, I asked for a copy of this Training Agreement. The copy that I signed more than a year ago. I was not allowed to obtain a copy UNLESS i sign a separate memo that basically says, "I shall pay my bond worth XXXXPesos if I resign prior to the expiration date of my bond." I just wanted a copy of the contract I signed years ago. However, they were blackmailing me to sign the 1-page memo, shortcut version, without any of the clauses of the original agreement. Just Pay when you Resign Before YYYYY. I would be willing to sign a receiving memo indicating that I have received a copy of our previous agreement. I, however, was not willing to sign a 1-page memo blackmailing me to pay them.

With this, I asked to be excused for 10mins for I would like to consult friends/family/whoever-the-hell-i-want with these decisions. THEY WOULD NOT ALLOW IT. I was forced to sit in that same chair for the past 2hours grueling on the idea of blackmail and extortion. They said that I needed to sign the freaking piece of paper before I get up and leave. They would be forced to put on my permanent record a "REFUSAL TO SIGN" note.

I kindly asked then if i could have the night to think about it and will come back the day after to sign. They refused. They would still put the RTS note. A 10-min break perhaps? Court hearings get breaks too. They refused and said that since the recently printed piece of paper was dated July 5, therefore I should sign on that date itself. It was ultimate blackmail. I told them that me leaving for 10mins would not change the date. Seeing as they had no room to refuse, I hurried out the door and stayed in the hallway of the very same floor.

I called my lawyer friends and asked what to do. After talking, I was decided that I would not sign and fill a case against them instead. I had a lot of cards in my hand.

When I returned to the chair, I asked to see the contract they were asking me to sign one last time. Lo and behold! The amount was decreased by a third. Weighing in my options, I decided that I did not want to be a martyr for the entire workforce. I pick my battles, too. The amount was fair and was actually the only amount i was willing to pay then. I got SOME lousy trainings but they were still trainings and I would pay back for those. With a heavy heart, i signed the memo, felt free and thought of ways to pay off the company.

~~~side story~~~

When I got back to my floor, my VP was looking for me. The next day the managers were concerned as to why I walked out on the VP of HR. I did not! When I talked to my VP, he said that the VP of HR texted him and told him that I walked out on him. I didn't even see him in his office the day i submitted my resignation! I was stuck on a chair, much less walk out on him. Oh what rumors they are spreading the put me out as the bad guy! amazing! :O


Never trust your HR. They are not in it for the employee's interest. They are out the save themselves from shame which they themselves create.

Never sign up for a training program which can superspeed your way to the top. There is no faster lane. There are no shortcuts. Just heartless souls exploiting your innocent minds and trusting hearts.

The learnings I got were the same as my colleagues'. We all had to go thru being the newbie. I also referred to myself as being in the bottom of the food chain, so low that i was merely amoeba.

There are a lot of opportunities in life. Do NOT settle if in your heart you are not contented. NEVER settle.

As for HR, DO NOT EVEN DREAM of hiring a group of people all from exclusive Big-Time Schools if you aren't ready to pay them what they're worth. The pay should be greater than the miscellaneous fees we had to pay per semester in college. If not, you are just forcing us to lean on our parents which I don't think is growth in any way.


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