Cebu: 6km Open Water Swimming

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I pasted a blog entry that I wrote a year ago. This happened last April 2009 in Olango, Cebu. I found this post in my facebook archives, read thru it again and got reminded that i should stop joining crazy aquatic competitions. But then it's too late. In a few days, i will be competing in the Swim Leg of the Ironman Challenge in Camarines, Sur. Most probably, I will make a blog entry about that but before that happens, read thru this and figure out why I accepted to swim long distance again after all that happened below.

swimming 6kms is no joke.

swimming 6kms in the deep blue sea is crazy.
i am crazy. haha! i joined the event coz doing crazy, impromptu, adventurous stuff is what i do. i just love trying out new things. the crazier, the better. so after being abum for quite a while (really a bum as in sleep 16hours/day then waking up to check facebook and eat then sleep again), i went to cebu to try out this open water swimming thing.

the olango challenge is a fund-raising event for the olango island. the funds will help in the building of a school for the kids and for promoting water cleanliness and anti-drowning. anyway, on the day itself, i was much more focused on surviving the 6km swim and not be a part of the drowning incident statistics. haha!

the race starts at Pacific Cebu Resort and ends at Tambuli Beach Resort. basically we had to swim in parallel with the shore, crossing the different beach resorts to get to the finish line. we were about 250meters away from shore at the starting point. so basically, we were still in the snorkeling area where we can see the corals below us.

KM 0 : at the start, everyone started sprinting out to get away from the pack. being a bum thus with notraining under my belt, i tried to sprint out too but just managed to stay somewhat in the middle of the group.

KM 0.5: long powerful strokes. steady swimming. still can see the corals. saw the milo signs (which they said were in every 250m). wanted to get away from the people that were pacing me. felt a little competitive and wanted to atleast place 3rd in my division. haha!

KM 1: steady swimming. saw the milo signs and saw that they wereplaced in a zigzag pattern following the coral reefs. i realized that swimming in a straight line would save me a few meters but then i would be swimming in the deep blue sea already. still, i decided to save myself a few meters.

KM 2: in the deep blue sea. from my view, i can see blue water, the sun streaming down the water and nothingness. i can't decipher how far the sea bed is anymore. i was then around 500meters or more away from shore already. i can't see any of the swimmers anymore. most of the time i would stop and remove my googles to get a good look at where the next milo sign is. i saw boat #2 and a volunteer swam out to me (since i can't touch the boat coz then i would be disqualified) to give me water (mineral water :P).

KM 2.5: basically i cant find the next milo sign. i was too far out and i bet the sea was too deep already. i kept hoping that there wouldn't be sharks or big fishes around to scare the shit out of me. i felt like they could surprise me and gobble me up whole! i can't see the kayaks, bancas and patrol that were supposed to be watching out for us. :O good thing though i saw one of the swimmers so i decided to just follow him/her.

KM 2.8 or something: i lost the other swimmer. he/she started swimming towards the shore. i felt that the route would be shorter if i stayed in the deeper part of the sea so i decided to go my own way.

KM 3: i saw boat #3. i asked for the my gatorade bottle and got 3 small gulps just so that i won't be dehydrated. left the boat with a smile. i could still joke around with them then. haha!

between KM 3 and 4: struggle part. felt like i am losing my way. i was too far from shore. i can't see any one or anything anymore. i can just see sea. hehe:P i had to stop every 10 strokes just to see if i was going in the right direction. i don't even know where the "right" direction was. just focused my view on the really tiny buildings ahead.
just kept on swimming. but then in that part of the sea, there were a lot of sea things that kept on biting me everywhere. i figured it was the jellyfish stings or the little fishes nibbling at me. couldn't see much din eh. also, in this part, the waves got too big that even if i completely stop and check where i was, i couldn't see a thing. just the wave bump. asar! but then i still had the energy so i decided to go forward.

KM 4: already asking boat 4 which way to go. they told me to go to the orange building and that was it. so i kept on swimming towards the orange building. the water there was seaweed infested. as in! super duper seaweeds galore that i had to either swim below in order to avoid them which i did at first. but then it got tiring so i just swam right through it. no fun! it was very itchy! and also, just the sight of it scared me a lot. but since i cant do anything much, i just closed my eyes and swam ahead. kinda lost my way coz my eyes were closed but then it was better than seeing.

KM 4-ish: death. haha! why did i even think of joining this?! this is crazy! i am crazy. going up a mountain was so much easier than swimming there. felt like crying coz i cant see the goal. thought about my ece barkada and wished that they were there with me and rented a boat that would guide me to where im going. looked around for supporters but they were all gone. i was singing the all american rejects latest album in my head just to put my mind elsewhere.

KM 5: saw a "fun" swimmer on fins. decided to follow him. saw a sea snake, starfishes and a lot of small fishes. couldn't enjoy the view much. just wanted things to be over. i reached the orange building, apparently that wasn't the goal. hahaha! i had to swim on the other side of the island pa pala. it was so hard coz the waves were crashing hard. felt like throwing up already. i remembered that i have motion sickness and am sea-sick. crazy karz for even thinking of joining the event! pasaway!

KM 5-ish: too far still....swim swim...survive...must finish!

KM 5-isher: saw 2 shokoys. haha! redcross people that told me which direction to go to the finish line.

saw the finish line. it had a red banner. thought of just dying there and not finish anymore. felt really sick already. the waves weren't helping with my motion sickness and seasickness. :P

KM 6: as soon as i can reach the sand again, i ran up and crossed the finish line!

things that ran through my mind as i crossed the finish line:

smile for the pictures.

must be beautiful.

do not barf!

whew! haha:P i managed to survive without barfing. had to sit down and rest for a bit lang. grabe. i was never ever so happy to see dry land!!!

crazy crazy...

nga pala, got 2nd place pa :P

death to karz.

if may alam kayong ibang "death trips" pa, don't forget to invite me. kahit walang preparation, im there! haha!

things i learned from the experience:

pool swimming is 100x easier.

being eaten by a shark would be a blessing in disguise.

being alone in the middle of the sea would really test your mental toughness.

i am really seasick.

i am really crazy.

the physical activity will not make my tummy smaller! haha:P





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