Camarines Sur: Ironman 70.3

Friday, August 27, 2010

Ready to swim.
Ironman 70.3 in Camarines Sur was a blast! I did the swim part for the relay which is almost 2kms. The swim is the easy part among the 3 disciplines. Yes, im being biased coz i'm a swimmer but it's true. I can ride a bike even the high bikes. But after i start pedaling, i wouldn't know how to stop and get down. haha pathetic. :P And the run, i can't even finish a 3km fun run, much more a 21km run under the blazing heat of the sun. I got a shirt tan not because of the swim but because i was under the sun too long from watching and cheering my teammates on.

Just before the race starts. The runner, biker and swimmer.
Race Start.

We got our finisher goodies :) Good job Fiona and Kathy!

More goodies from the sponsors :)
Race success!
I joined because a church group called Ligaya needed swimmers to complete their relay teams. A friend of mine is part of that group so they pulled me in. I was blessed enough to be a part of this group even for just a little time. They got sponsors to pay for most of our expenses such as the entry fee, food, lodging, transpo and even uniforms. I got to experience something wild and wonderful (something i'm all up for) while gaining friends along the way. :)

"Karen, I particularly remembered your boyfriend faithfully waving a cloth/towel in circles to cheer for you all throughout the swim at the big lake. But, you were too fast, I think, because he was still waving it while, you were already out of the water. Talk about devotion! :)"

One of the Ligaya members told me that after we got home. My boyfriend was my bellboy, locker, photographer, one-man-cheer-team, feeling-coach and alarm clock (we had to wake up at 4am coz we had to be at the venue by 5am) all at the same time. Lucky!


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