Subic: Treetop Adventure

Monday, September 13, 2010

We went to Subic to celebrate my birthday coming in the "mid 20s" bracket. So it was just proper to celebrate this moment by being a kid.

Treetop offers a variety of "rides". Basically, equipments are tied to trees and you will "ride" by falling down, swinging back and forth, gliding super fast, transporting super slow and all other movements possible that will get you from one tree to another. Check their site (

There are packages that are offered where multiple rides can be taken by a single person for a discounted price. However, since we didn't want to try everything, we just got single tickets rides instead.


1. Trekking - for the non-adventurous. Learn about the flora and fauna around the vicinity. This is held on solid ground so no fear is induced.
2. Canopy walk - almost like trekking however you will be walking on bridges 100meters high.
3. Canopy ride - motorized cable ride from tree to tree that is sooo slow. This is a little expensive P350 i think.
4. Tree Drop - for just P150, your heart will drop. Be almost 4 stories up then you will be dropped to the ground below.

Are you willing to be dropped?

5. Superman - P250, just like superman's pose. It is extremely fast and you will go back-and-forth so that's feet first then head first.

6. Silver Surfer - P200, this ride goes up and down the track then swings you in place too. It can be a little scary at first then you just get used to it.
Swing, Swing.
7. Other adventures - there are other adventures like one where they simulate free-fall and more but I can't seem to remember than. The fees per ride mostly cost around P250-350 so it's really up to you to mix and match depending on your liking. The rides are just short and quick so spending 1-3hrs is enough for the entire treetop adventure getaway.

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