Boracay: Beach Bum

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I went to boracay this time purely to be a beach bum. I needed some R&R from all the stress of resigning and finding a new job and being bankrupt. I was afraid that I was not gonna enjoy it for it has been raining the past couple of days so we weren't expecting to see it's majestic beauty. But behold! The weather was perfectly sunny.

Due to my poor finances, I booked a flight to-and-from Iloilo Province. Iloilo flights are a whole lot cheaper (as in P1-4k cheaper) than the flights to Caticlan or Kalibo. However, it's comes with a disadvantage. Iloilo is located 5-6hrs away from Caticlan by land. That means an additional travel time and of course a more tiring one. But since money concerns are a priority, I could not complain much.

The Travel:
From the Iloilo airport, take a taxi to the Ceres Bus Terminal. Ride an airconditioned bus with the Caticlan sign. The fare is P303 for the 5-6hour trip. It will make a lunch stop where you can go down, stretch your legs and buy some food. It will make a dozen or more stops, picking up and letting down passengers. This is a commuter bus although it is very nice and cold, the chairs aren't exactly super cozy so try to bring a pillow to help you sleep. When you get to the Caticlan port, get in those bangkas at the end of the road. They leave more frequently than the fast-craft. This just costs less than P100 with the environmental fee. In Boracay, take the tricycle to your hotel. The flat rate for the is P20.

The Accommodations:
For this trip, I decided to stay in the farther side of Boracay for some peace and quiet. I ended up in between Stations 1 and 2. Watercolors is the name of the inn and it is exactly beachfront. There are no dinner tables separating the hotel steps to the water, which is cool.

The rooms were a lot cheaper since it was offpeak, it only costs around P1350/night for the 2 beds. There were complimentary fruits and a really cool bathroom. Plus they clean up the room everytime you get out so you always come back to a really clean room.
Neat bed.

Where our hotel is located.

Cabana cabana.

There are cabanas where you can hang-out dry with your laptop and free wifi with the beach as your background. Cool!
Hanging out with my electronics.
As always, Boracay is a sight to see. But it was better now than when I went last 2008. There weren't that much moss in the shallow end of the beach unlike before. The beach is cleaner, less trash can be seen. I guess they really made an effort to keep it pristine.

The clear waters of Boracay.
Boracay beach stretch.


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