Russia: The Land I'm Dying To Set Foot On

Thursday, October 7, 2010

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This is where they'll be sending my on January 2011. I think. haha! I'm not really sure about the exact location in Russia but I figured it might be in this area. About 230kms south of Moscow.

When i looked it up, i saw that it was actually in the European side and not the China side which is cool because it's the closest I can get to Europe for now. Plans for this are still in the making. This was only mentioned in passing but I sure do hope that it will push thru because I'm really excited about this.

Russia is actually one of the places I really want to go to. I remember going to the library to sleep and to look at history books especially the ones about Tsar. I wanted to know the real story about Anastacia and Rasputin. I was so fond of the stories that I wanted to name my future son, Dmitri. I thought Dmitri in the animated movie was so handsome that maybe my future son may get some of his good looks.

Anyway, I'll research more about Russia and Novomoskovsk, Province of Tula, Russia more then put posts as the days go by. I found their website though ( And i think i should learn a little russian too. I have less than 4months to cram! (

Oh i should get pasalubong, an authentic Siberian Husky? a Siberia Tiger? Or maybe a Black Russian Terrier!

Wish me luck and i hope the plan pushes thru!


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