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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I had to get a Russian visa before I can actually set foot there. Oh the pain of being a citizen of a 3rd world country! Anyway, I thought it'll be a lot easier since I'll be getting a business visa instead of a tourist. But no! It is just as hard to get a business visa for Russia.

Prior to actually going to the embassy and submitting the requirements, I first had to request for a visa/invite from the embassy in Russia. For this I had to submit the filled-out invite form they provided, an invite from the company in Russia and some ID copies. I have to pay for this invite via credit card coz they won't process if I don't. It costs around 1600 rubles. This invite visa was sent to me via DHL about a month after the forms were submitted. This is actually the fastest they could process it, 20working days.

Once I had this on my hands, I had to obtain the other items needed to actually get a visa on my passport.
  • Valid passport with pages
  • Passport-size ID pictures with white background and dark clothes
  • 2 copies of the Russian visa form (different from the one above)
  • Valid NBI clearance
  • Valid Police clearance
  • Flight Itinerary 
  • Original Company ID (yeah, i had to get a temp ID for work. tsk!)
  • HR Guarantee Letters and Certificate of Employment (which I think doesn't matter if it's from HR Philippines)
  • HR Guarantee Letter and Certificate of Employment from the company in Russia (they'll say that i'm under Philippine payroll blah blah) - in Russian characters and english
  • the invite letter above (original)
  • HIV shot if you're staying more than 3months
With all the items above, I visited the Russian Embassy in Makati (Room 402 A, 4 fl., RCI Building, 105 Rada Street, Legazpi Village, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippinesand proceeded to submit the documents.

  • The embassy is open MWF 9am-12nn only. They are open to submission of documents from 9am-11am and releasing is only during 11am-12nn.
  • They first check your documents, if it doesn't pass, they'll ask you to resubmit. This is not cool especially if you're on a tight deadline.
  • Once they accept your documents, they'll ask you to pay via bank (RCBC i think) the processing fee. For rush like 1 day processing, it costs around 9000pesos. 10days processing is around 5k.
  • 1 day processing is not exactly 1 day. Assuming you submitted on a Monday, paid on a Tuesday, the earliest you can get the visa is on a Wednesday. That is the good case scenario. They can say that it'll be released Friday and there's nothing you can do about it.
  • Take note of the Russian holidays and Philippine holidays. If you submit a day before a holiday, they usually will ask you to resubmit instead after the holidays. If they do accept it, they'll process it as if you submitted after the holidays.
  • There's a long Russian holiday from Dec31-2nd wk of Jan, around Jan14. If you want to visit during the Russian winter, plan months ahead.
  • Once they release the visa, check the travel dates. They usually give 1month visa. The dates in the visa is the dates listed in the invite from Russia embassy.
  • However, the dates you can actually stay in Russia may differ depending on the immigration. Always follow the one stamped in the airport. They may give you 1month visa but the visit can only be for 2weeks. Too bad! haha
  • For reference, this is the updated website
After you get your visa, prepare for travel. :)



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