Atlanta: My Dream City

Sunday, May 1, 2011

i ♥ Atlanta! It's the real America! The trees are so green and tall, the houses are stand-alone with porches and lawns and there aren't much Filipinos around! :P I also love the fact that it's the hometown of Coca-Cola, my favorite addicting softdrink.
They look like monopoly houses.
It's a real live porch!
World of coke is so much fun. Aside from the 4D theater, which was the best I've ever been, we got to try all the drinks made by Coke worldwide. Too much soda! Try the one from Italy. It's to die for. Literally.
Mr. Coca-cola bear.
I also visited the biggest aquarium in the world! And damn was it big!

Look at all those fishes! 
 Lastly, I visited the Stone Mountain park. The thing about this park is that on the mountain made of stone, something is carved on its surface. It looks quite small from afar but it really is a big carving up close.
Carving of the generals from some war i forgot what.
See the horse's mouth up there, this is the real size.
 If ever I will migrate to the US, I will definitely stay here in Atlanta!

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