Benguet: Mt. Pulag Hike

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hiking up Mt. Pulag was relatively easily. You really just had to have some stamina in you. No exercise pre-climb was needed. The challenge in this trip was sleeping in the cold.
The trees look majestic.
The easy trail.
As usual, I packed only a few things for this trip. While everyone else had these big NorthFace backpacks, I brought my Jansport backpack which was half-filled with snacks. So basically, I barely had the necessities in order to survive the cold. Good thing the tent was provided so I just had to bring my fleece blanket and thought I was all set. The travel group said I would need layers and layers of clothing and that's what I did.

It's a tight fit.
We reached the camp grounds before sunset. We had to prepare everything since we will start our climb to the peak around 330am. We had a decent meal but we didn't sing any camp songs around a bonfire coz there wasn't one. It was prohibited by the park rangers so we really had to rely on our flashlights when it got dark. 
Our sleeping quarters.
We settled in our small tent. There were 4 of us inside which was a tight fit but on second thought, it was better since it would provide more heat during the night. The night came and the hardest part of it all was trying to sleep. I had on a shirt, a fleece, a sweatshirt, a jacket, leggings, pants, double socks and a bonnet and it still didn't keep me warm. I slept on my fleece blanket and used my pashmina scarf as blanket. I finally got some shut eye for a few hours. 
The bathroom.
The next day, walking to the peak was harder since it was pitch-black dark. I would recommend bringing a headlamp since you will need your hands to feel around. You won't see it during the climb up but going down from the peak you will see that it's a big drop to the ground if ever you lost your footing in the trail. haha! 
Having a fun time climbing.
The view from the top was spectacular if you have good weather. Just sun will shine and the clouds will be on your feet. It's pretty cold too but you'll have to make do to look nice in the pictures. 

That's where we climbed up! Pretty high huh?

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