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Saturday, July 2, 2011

A friend of mine told me that his goal was to visit 30 countries by the time he's 30 years old. 40x40 and so on. I admire the desire for travel but I don't think my wallet can handle such goal. (yes, i'm in poverty mode) Although on 2nd thought, it's still too early to tell since I'm still a long way to 30. For now, I think I'll settle with 25x25.

With my 25th birthday coming up in 3months, there isn't much time to take on the challenge. Plus, I had my passport renewed so i'm stuck here in the Phil for a month. So i'm revising the goal a bit to 25 provinces in the Philippines by the time I turn 25. Ever since I started travelling, I had this mindset that I should tour around the Philippines first before branching out to other countries. That way, I won't feel guilty about not loving my country first. Nationalistic pride, i know.

So now, I'm counting the provinces I've been to. I know I haven't been to Mindanao yet. I guess I'll cram that all before my birthday. (which reminds me, I have to wake up my lazy ass and put out the blog posts about the places below. darn!)

I'm trying not to be redundant so for my inter-province trips, I just put that trip under 1 province. It's ok since I visit more than a few times anyway. Grouped according to Regions:

1. Benguet 
3. Ifugao 

4. Ilocos Norte
7. Pangasinan

8. Bataan
9. Bulacan
10. Pampanga
11. Tarlac
12. Zambales

13. Batangas
14. Laguna
15. Quezon
16. Rizal
17. Oriental Mindoro
18. Palawan

19. Albay
20. Camarines Sur
21. Masbate
22. Sorsogon

23. Aklan
24. Guimaras
25. Iloilo
26. Negros Occidental

27. Cebu
28. Negros Oriental

Ok, so I've apparently already reached my goal. ha! ha! So now, my goal instead would be to put up the posts of all the places above so I'd look credible. :)

30 countries by 30....are you next? Wait, let me check my wallet.

Apparently going back and forth all the places above (some more than 10x) is not enough. I'm just a B- haha!

My Lakbayan grade is B-!

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