Backpacking South East Asia: Cambodia Leg

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This is the 3rd leg of the South East Asia backpacking trip. The entire trip can be seen here.

Siam Reap is temple heaven. It's paradise at it's roughest, oldest and most natural.

Due to the big market for foreigners, the currency they use is USD so changing your money to the local currency is not needed. The place is more of a temple plaza and markets. Aside from that, I haven't discovered other activities to do.
Cambodia total cost.

Detailed costs in Cambodia.
 We figured that the tuk-tuk can be rented for an entire day so instead of joining a tour, you can just ask your driver to bring you around the temple areas. They are much cheaper too than renting from the hotel although they don't have perks and it's probably better to have a tour guide with you so they can explain to you all the history.

We came across one tuk-tuk driver who was an English Professor in the University in his younger days. He was also the King's interpreter for foreign business before. So he actually had the Prince of Cambodia in his speed dial. He knows his history really well too so it's kind of having a driver and a tour guide in one. Cheaper than renting both separately. He's really friendly and funny too. I promised him I'll put up his details online so you can contact him:
Name: Mr. Siv
Mobile: (+855) 12217330

The elephant won't share but I paid for those bananas!

This is Angkor Thom.

Copying the poses of the carvings on the rock walls.

Cool temple walkway.

Just visiting one of the ruins.

Some areas are closed off because they are trying to preserve it.
I'm really fascinated with the Buddhist monks. I wonder if it is required that they have an orange umbrella to go with their robes.

Orange umbrellas!
The place we stayed at is Golden Mango Inn. It has the best ambiance. Coffee is free all day long and breakfast in the mornings. It is also cheap but the facilities are nice!
At the lobby, resting my feet.

My bed.

Big breakfast!
Below are just more pictures from the trip. I really would like to go back here next time. Hopefully, there would be a direct flight soon.
Angkor Wat.

The monkey is trying to get the bananas from the kid.

Look at those faces.

Very pretty.

The border of Cambodia and Vietnam. Welcome!


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