Backpacking South East Asia: Singapore Leg

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This is the 1st leg of the backpacking trip in South East Asia. It is a credible backpacking trip since we didn't have plans of some sort and of course, we only had backpacks! hehe! The entire trip can be seen here.

So I'm back in Singapore, the most modern and advanced country I've been in Asia. Being the first leg of the trip, I was very cautious of how I will use my money to ensure that I'll have enough until I go home. Here is the breakdown of our expenses for the trip. You can clearly see that the quantity is usually 2 since there was 2 of us. For the items with quantity 1, we maybe shared it.
Summarize Costs.

Detailed version so you can see my priorities when it comes to spending.
I wanted to try Universal SG even though my friend and I have already been to Universal in the US. However when I saw the day pass which was SGD 72, I decided that it would probably feel just the same as the one in the States. We ended up just taking pictures outside and proceeding to Sentosa instead.

Outside Universal Studios. I can only afford a picture.

Beachin' in Sentosa was the way to start the trip. Relax and enjoy the sun, sand and water.
It's a sun shiny day in Sentosa.
Of course I would have to try the Gmax Reverse Bungee since I haven't been to New Zealand yet to try the original bungee. That was worth it since I got a student discount using my student ID from circa 2008! Ssssh. It passed.
Same adrenaline rush for slightly cheaper cost courtesy of my real but expired student id.
The ride was awesome! Getting thrown up in the air then rolling back and forth in your seat..amazing! I saw clouds, ground, buildings, ground, clouds, clouds, building...wah!

TIP: Bring a student ID when you travel to get discounts on a lot of items. If you are already out of school like I am but you still look like you'll pass as a student, have a fake student ID made for you. haha! It helps a lot.

Super fan!

There a huge fuzz about Tintin too. I love Tintin! I remember, back in Grade School, hiding the big comic books in the far end of the library so that no one will check them out.

Yeah, it's hot!

Of course I had to try their healthy foods. Lots of leafy greens and fruit shakes.

I'm lost again. 
The Marina and a picture with the Merlion was also a necessary stop.
Look at those they gods?
We passed some Hindu Temples too in Little India and couldn't help taking a quick stolen picture.

I wonder what these punks are talking about.
It also helps learning about the culture by talking to the locals.
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Of course in order to get to places, taking the train is essential. I learned that it is much cheaper to take the bus instead. The train costs around SGD 2+ per ride while the bus costs around SGD 1 only.




Looks like you enjoyed the stay in Singapore. You are very brave to take the reverse bungee. Must come back here in SG and see Gardens by the Bay :)



it is essential to stay on budget when in singapore but i wish next time, you'll stay at the Marina Bay Sands!!! :D

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