Backpacking South East Asia: Thailand Leg

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This is the last leg of the South East Asia Backpacking adventure! Hope you saw all the other legs. If not, here is the general leg.

Thailand is hottt! Really, the weather is worse than Manila. Sweat becomes 2nd skin. Ice creams, cold teas, fruit shakes are your best friends.
Thai Milk Tea!

In Bangkok you go shopping. The city is a big shopping mall. Roaming around will take days. Be sure you set aside the money you will spend or else you'll end up bankrupt. We went to MBK,Siam Square, Siam Center, Chatuchak and Khao San Road but the good thing is that I'm not much of a shopper so I ended up buying more milk teas than clothes or accessories.

Bangkok total costs.

Bangkok detailed costs.

The hostel I got is ETZZZ Hostel which is located near Lumphini Station. The rate is cheaper plus it's a bit quiet in the evenings. Don't worry coz there are about half a dozen 7Elevens located in the vicinity. I liked it here because the MRT is just a 5min walk so I wouldn't have to haggle for a ride as compared if I was in Khao San Road. In Khao San, the prices inflate 200% just because you are a foreigner. It's hard to get around the city too because there are no MRTs around. You really have to take a cab or a tuktuk. The cab drivers rarely agree to put down their meters but instead will haggle with you for a fixed price. I suggest that you stay somewhere far from this area if you want to save some money.
The hang-out area.

Our room. Look at everyone's bags all filled up. Shopping much. Tsk.

 Aside from shopping, you can go around to see the Grand Palace and some temples. You just have to take a water cab to get there. The entrance to the Grand Palace is 400Baht per person. Plus remember to wear long jeans, shirts with sleeves and closed shoes. If you don't, they won't let you enter or they'll ask you to rent clothes.
Grand Palace is pretty but i'm prettier.
This is the water cab. Ok fine, it's a ferry!

Coincidentally, the day we were to tour the temples was BUDDHA DAY! So the monks had a gathering and prayer meeting that day. The temples opened late which was sad but the good side is that a lot of the export items were apparently on sale! The biggest exports of Thailand as I learned from a local was Ruby and Sapphire. Tiffany's from the US get their stocks in Thailand during the Buddha Sale. Wow! If only I had some extra cash to buy jewelry. Nevertheless, it was fun to look around. Ask your tuktuk driver to bring you to the Chinese Sapphire place and the made-to-order clothes place. It's just 20Baht for everything so that's like a free tour.
Went to the Lucky Buddha. Wishing for a Lotto win.

More temples all over.

Best sign I've seen so far.


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