Backpacking South East Asia: Vietnam Leg

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This is the 2nd leg of the backpacking trip in South East Asia. The entire trip can be seen here.

We didn't actually plan on stopping in Vietnam. We really just wanted to cross thru Cambodia. But given the available bus schedules, we had no choice but to make a day stop in Vietnam and wait for the night bus travelling to Cambodia. It was either that or we sleep overnight and waste daylight by being on the road. The trip wasn't bumpy at all. Plus, it felt safe contrary to other comments. Well, i won't really rely on myself since I can sleep almost thru anything.
Night Bus to Cambodia! It's safe. Don't worry. 
Given that we had a day to roam Ho Chi Minh city, below are the few expenses that we incurred. We decided to rent a room so that we'll have a place to drop our bags while we walk around the area. Also, we needed a bath.

As you can see, backpacking bags are really cheap here. You can see a picture of the bag below. That costs around Php 600 only.

Waiting for the night bus.

To start off, we got out of the airport and looked for BUS#152. Ask the driver to drop you off Ben Thanh Market. It one hell of a market with all kinds of things to buy. At the same time, it is quite near Pham Ngu Lao which is the "backpacking street" of Ho Chi Minh.

See Bus #152. You can see just right outside the airport doors. 
 TIP: Be careful crossing the street. It is quite the challenge. Courage is required.
Rows and rows of motorcycles waiting for the Go light.

Rain or shine. Motorcycle is the way.
 The currency is small so in my hands are millions of Vietnam Dong.

I'm a millionaire!
 The stores close in Pham Ngu Lao but you can still wait outside your designated street spot. A person from the bus company will come up to you and give you your tickets and show you the bus. You will stand out because of the big bags around you so don't worry about looking like a homeless guy.
 It poured suddenly, drenching us.

TIP: Bring an umbrella but watch out since umbrellas cannot be handcarried on airplanes. If not, buy those plastic raincoats in the market for just less than a buck.
Enjoying our plastic raincoats while walking around.


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