Backpacking South East Asia

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I have to clarify that I visited not all the countries of South East Asia. I am from the Philippines, so that's one. Aside from that, I only visited 4 countries out of the 9 countries in the region. This 9-day trip includes Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

Modern tourist in Singapore!

Backpacking like crazy in Vietnam!

Adventure in Cambodia!

Picture perfect in Thailand!
This trip is a two-part whim. The first part is the whim to buy travel tickets. Last year (2010) at around October, i saw that Airphil was selling Manila to Singapore tickets at Php1888/way. This was not at all advertised which seemed fishy at that time. Without any fuel surcharge or additional costs like tax or baggage, I decided to buy a one-way ticket to see if it was real. Comparatively, it costs just a little less than the Cebu Pacific flight at 50% off. The flip side is that I wouldn't have to wait for a seat sale although they're giving them out almost every week; and i wouldn't curse at my internet provider when it decided to be unbelievably slow or unavailable when the seat sale plug drops.

With a Singapore ticket at hand, I felt incomplete and unadventurous. This was understandable since I just came from Singapore earlier that year. ( I, then decided to look at the other budget airlines in SEAsia to see if there's any other side trip I can make tied to this trip.

Lo and behold! Airasia was having it's $1 seat sale. With the VAT, I had to pay just a little thus extending my trip to Vietnam. The backpacking trip entered my mind and that was it! The hardest part for me was trying to shorten the trip to just a few countries. Being on that big-europe-middle-east-asia-island (where Vietnam is a part of), it was easily to lose track and find my way all the way to Europe! But I had to be practical with my work leaves and my budget. Thus the story of the Backpacking Trip to South East Asia.

I know I said that this was a two-part whim. The second part is entire trip in itself. I had almost a year to plan this trip but given that it was supposed to be an adventure, I unconsciously decided not to make any other concrete plans of some sort until I officially left the Philippines.

Being a planner, I wasn't left without an itinerary of some sort. Of course, I listed down the things I wanted to do and places I wanted to see and their costs. For post-trip blogging purposes, I will instead paste the actual itinerary we had to go thru. It was more or less what I envisioned except for the parts where we had no idea what the bus schedules were or what exactly we had to do.

For practical purposes, I accounted for everything that we had to pay for. Everything to the last centavo. I had this little notebook to ensure me that I will still be able to pay my rent and go to work when I get back. So here is the summary of the entire trip's expenses. Please note that I wrote down everything that came out of our wallets so this total is for TWO PEOPLE. I couldn't separate some items since most of them are joint or shared. If you divide this then, it costs around Php 15k per person for the entire trip. I think for some items, it would be cheaper if there were more people and for some items like bus/train fares or dormitory accommodations, the fare is per person so it doesn't really matter how many you are in the group. For the detailed versions of this, you make look at the country-specific blog posts I made.
Total cost for the 9-day trip for 2 people without airfare.
The above total does not include the 3 airfares. The cost of that can be seen below. This is again the total cost for 2 people. So per person, the flights cost around Php 13k.

Total Airfare cost (3 flights) for 2 people.
The detailed cost can be seen below.
Detailed version of the costs above.




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I wasn't sure what I'd done to deserve such a wonderful gift, and I wasn't sure if it was insolent, but I thanked God for fallen angels.

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